Main Stage

Panel Room

May 14th


Starts at
11:00 am

Does Humor Belong in Comic Books? Of Course It Does!
With Mike Gold, Pat Shand, Jeff Massey, and Jamal Igle

It’s a Crime!
Why aren’t crime comic books, arguably the best stuff of any genre, given the respect they deserve?
With John K. Snyder III, Joe Corallo, Adam McGovern, and Martha Thomases, moderated by Patrick Kennedy

Starts at
12:00 pm

Cosplay for a Cause with the NY Avengers
How the group started, rules of the group, challenges faced, and working with ill or trauma stricken children
With the NY Avengers Cosplay Group

Superheroes Go To War
With Tom Tormey of Comic Con Radio

Starts at
1:00 pm

Endor Temple Saber Guild
Who they are, what they do, and how the costumes are made
With Endor Table Saber Guild

The Final Frontier in Four Colors: Star Trek and Science Fiction
With Glenn Hauman, Keith DeCandido, Joe Corallo, and Dan Hort, moderated by Paul DeStefano

Starts at
2:00 pm

Big Black: Stand at Attica Q&A
With author Jared Reinmuth, composer Alex Tichane, creative consultant Patrick Kennedy, moderated by Mike Gold, with illustrator Ameziane, who will video chat with us from Paris

The History of Star Trek
With the USS Iwo Jima Star Trek Cosplay Group

Starts at
3:00 pm

The Arcade Age Podcast
discussing superhero arcade games and the museum exhibit The Arcade Age
With Exhibit Staff

Comics as Socio-Political Commentary
With Mike Gold, Jamal igle, Martha Thomases, Adam McGovern, moderated by Bob Harrison

Starts at
4:00 pm

Adult Cosplay Contest
Hosted by the NY Avengers and the NY Fantastic Four

Level 857 - Video Game Podcast 
Come grab a drink with longtime gamers/friends/cohosts for a special Cradle Con discussion of Superheroes in Video Games, from Marvel vs Capcom to Gotham Nights
With Eric (The 23rd Stallion), Alvin (ALG857), Jason (Stikz), Kevin (Turbo857), and Eric (Big Choco), Level 857 – aka, the Wu-Tang Clan of Gaming
with special guest moderator Paul DeStefano

Starts at
5:00 pm

Can Indie Comics Save The Industry?
And Does the Industry Need Saving, Anyway?
With Jamal Igle

Level 857 interviews the Guests of Cradle-Con!
Guests and times TBA

Starts at
6:00 pm

Theater to Comic Book Pipeline!
A discussion about being performers, and the intersection of the stage and comic books
With Jared Reinmuth, Pat Shand, Marc Kandel, Mike Gold, Wayne Grayson, and Evgeniya Radilova

Level 857 interviews the Guests of Cradle-Con!
Guests and times TBA

Starts at
7:00 pm

Level 857 interviews the Guests of Cradle-Con!
Guests and times TBA

May 15th


Starts at
11:00 am

What GRU Knew
An in-depth discussion on the work and legacy of Mark Gruenwald
With his wife Cat Schuller and colleague Dan Hort, moderated by Brian Long

Writing Genres Other Than Superheroes
What you need to think about when creating historical, fantasy, suspense, romance, or slice of life comic books With Mike Gold, Martha Thomases, Whitney Matheson, Jared Reinmuth, Adam McGovern, and moderated by Joe Corallo

Starts at
12:00 pm

Great Bad Guys and Baaaaad Good Guys
Our favorite villains and tragic antiheroes in comic books
With Jamal Igle, John K. Snyder III, Dan Hort, and hosted by the Lord of Latveria, His Royal Majesty, Doctor Doom

How to Successfully CrowdFund in 2022
with Joe Corallo, Pat Shand, Glenn Hauman, and Paul DeStefano

Starts at
1:00 pm

Women of Cosplay
A discussion of challenges women face in cosplay, cosplay for your budget, different stages of cosplay, toxicity in cosplay, body positivity, and connecting with a cosplay
With @lyzacosplay, @jacobellaluongo, @cosplayparmesan, @sydrelx, and @samsyndulla

The Haunted Journey into the Vault of Suspense!
A discussion of great horror comics, past, present, and future titles created by our panelists
With MIke Gold, Dean Haspiel, Joe Corallo, Christopher Helton, and moderated by Adam McGovern

Starts at
2:00 pm

Is Superman Circumcised?
The Complete Jewish History of the World’s Greatest Superhero
with author and CNN pop culture contributor Roy Schwartz, and special guests Martha Thomases and Mike Gold

Champions, Heroes, or Vigilantes?
Superheroes on the Table Top
With Christopher Helton, Paul DeStefano, and Patrick Kennedy

Starts at
3:00 pm

Why Jack Kirby is Still King
There is simply no other creator whose influence is greater than Jack Kirby’s and here we will discuss why
With John K. Snyder III, Adam McGovern, Jamal Igle, and Dan Hort, moderated by Brian Long

Surviving as an Indie Comics Freelancer!
A masterclass in how to make a living as a freelance comic book creator, working on your own original books, or for other indie creators
With Cristian S. Aluas

Starts at
4:00 pm

Kids Cosplay Contest
Hosted by the NY Avengers, Evgeniya Radilova, and Cat Schuller