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Train to be a Jedi

Saber Guild - Endor Temple

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Padawan Training institute

introduction to Lightsaber Choreography

Photo By: CMP Designz

An exciting interactive experience... Participants can learn the ways of the force and how to use a Lightsaber from the Jedi!  But the younglings must beware--you never know when the servants of the dark side may appear and put the Padawans to the ultimate test of their new skills.

Ages 5-12 for a 45 minute class with a required sign up and waiver. Space is limited to 25 students per class and you must sign up when arriving at Cradle-Con at the Endor Temple booth.

Join Saber Guild - Endor Temple's performers as they offer you a behind the scenes introduction to the Lightsaber choreography used in our performances. Using the same equipment and techniques used by Saber Guild members worldwide, participants will be able to choreograph their own basic fight with one of our performers. Loaner Combat Ready Lightsabers will be provided.

Ages 13 and up for a 45 minute class with a required sign up and waiver. Ages 13-18 must have an adult guardian present. Space is limited to 16 people per class and you must sign up when arriving at Cradle-Con at the Endor Temple booth.

Saber Guild - Endor Temple

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We are the Long Island, New York chapter of Saber Guild. Saber Guild is a not-for-profit, LucasFilm-recognized Star Wars costuming group that specializes in choreographed lightsaber shows. We perform at charity and community events, as well as comic book and sci-fi conventions, all to raise money for charity and share our love of Star Wars with fans around the world.

Endor Temple's Lisa and the approval of her “Hero Rey” costume from The Last Jedi

The Saber Guild gather for an impromptu group photo at the 2015 Star Wars Celebration Event in Anaheim, CA.

Photo By: No Robots Photography

Saber Guild started in 2006 with half a dozen people in California, members of established costuming organizations and unofficial lightsaber choreography groups coming together to have fun, serve the community and represent the Star Wars brand in a way that had never been done before. Now, twelve years later, Saber Guild has over 500 members in 22 temples and seven countries. We are not only Lucasfilm’s preferred lightsaber performance group, but we are the largest recognized lightsaber club in the world.

Endor Temple performs in Nassau and Suffolk counties. We perform scripted, chorographed shows, as well as our Padawan Training Institute, where we teach aspiring Jedi the ways of the force and the use of a lightsaber. Any and all proceeds for our appearances go to charity; none of our members are compensated for their appearances.  Our local "temple" has over 35 official members and is one of the fastest growing chapters in our organization.  We also work closely with our sister Lucasfilm Limited organizations, The 501st Legion, The Rebel Legion, The Mandalorian Mercs and the R2-D2 Builders Club.

Saber Guild - Endor Temple teaching younglings the way of the force in their local classes.

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