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Cradle Con 2018

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2018 Cosplay Contest Judges 

Head Judge



KBV Cosplay is a cosplayer from Long Island who has been cosplaying since 2003. She has won multiple awards for her craftsmanship, including winning Best In Show at EternalCon 2017. She is most known for her WWE wrestler cosplays. You can check out her adventures at

Kat Gunn

Kat Gunn is a veteran of the cosplay scene. Having worked with Jessica Nigri and Linda Le on Less Than 3, Kat is no newbie to professional cosplay with high-end costuming of characters such as Scorpion and Spawn. Her cosplay itinerary can be found here.

Demon Boy

Demon Boy is the frontman of the Demon Boy Band, a horror-rock band who specialize in hell-like professional costuming during their performances. Demon Boy is known for his life-like wings, KISS-esque white face paint, and red rocker hair in his one-of-a-kind demonic cosplay. Demon Boy is also featured in his very own comic book!

Sallyanne Juliana

Sallyanne Juliana is a professional model and cosplayer from right here on Long Island. You can especially find her showing off her incredible and extensive ink in both her modeling and her cosplay. Want to find out more about her? You can see what she is up to at

Bunnie Doll

Bunnie Doll is a local Long Island cosplayer. Debuting her cosplay at Sakura Matsuri in BBG, Bunnie Doll cosplayed as the popular digital diva star “Hatsune Miku”. Since then she has added cosplay from video games and anime series, such as Shimakaze from Kantai Collection and DJ Sona from League of Legends, to her record. She is currently an active cosplay model for Stony Brook’s Cosplay Fashion Show and Garden City's Waypoint Gaming. You can find her streaming at

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