LIRGE Presents


Retro Video Game Lounge

The Long Island Retro Video

Game Expo presents The

Retro Video Game Lounge at Cradle-Con 2019, featuring over 50 classic video games, play classic titles like Nintendo, Sega Genesis, Super Nintendo, N64, and PlayStation.

We are also dusting off some of the arcade classics from the museum collection such as Pac-Man, Donkey Kong, Spy Hunter, Tetris, Frogger,

Space Invaders, Street Fighter II, Mortal Kombat and many


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Retro Video Game Lounge







 Classic Tournaments

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The Arcade Age Revisited

The Retro Video Game Lounge featured a variety of games from the Cradle of Aviation Museum's The Arcade Age and From The Arcade to the Living Room which ran from 2015-2018. Of the 150+ games installed in the one-of-a-kind exhibit over the last 3 years, we select around 30 stand up arcade cabinets and 30 classic consoles to feature throughout Cradle Con weekend. Come reminisce with us by checking out some of the games from our lineup down below.


Long Island Retro Gaming Expo

August 10-11, 2019

at the Cradle of Aviation Museum

The Long Island Retro Gaming Expo is Long Island’s premier gaming convention. The Expo was founded in 2015 with one simple idea – to make a convention that everyone involved in running it would want to go to. This single rule has rocketed the show from our very humble beginnings in a single room in year one to a multi-day show with over 3000 attendees and over 100,000 square feet in 2017!

There is no secret to our success, the Expo is just a lot of fun –  for the people who run it, the people who vend at it and especially the people who attend it! Get ready to play all your retro favorites, browse gaming vendors, participate in panel discussions, listen to awesome music performances, bring your best cosplay, and enter tournaments and win prizes! Oh, and be prepared to have the best time you will ever have.

Long Island Tabletop Gaming Expo 2019

The Long Island Tabletop Gaming Expo will be bringing their board game library for open play. Enjoy a variety of cooperative and competitive games!


We will also be offering several games of 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons for beginner and experienced players. Information regarding adventures, character levels, and times will be available at Tabletop Registration on Saturday morning during registration.  All character sheets and materials will be provided. 


See you there!

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